Distance Learning at YOY


Daily message from the Menahel, Rabbi Uri Feldman

Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael Successfully Transitions to Distance Learning in response to COVID-19

The difficult decision to close our Yeshiva building in response to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic could have been the start of a prolonged period of disruption. Instead, it has become an opportunity for YOY to grow in new ways.
Menahel Rabbi Uri Feldman led the swift transformation from classroom learning to distance learning. The success of this transition is due in large part to our dedicated rebbeim and teachers, our motivated students, and the technology already blended into the YOY classroom setting.

Less than one week in, students and faculty have eased into the rhythm of a day at “virtual” YOY. Each day starts with a school-wide address by the menahel. Judaic studies and general studies sessions, grouped by grade,  fill the day. Each teacher has creatively tailored his class to the new video conference system.
May Hashem send a refuah sheleima to all in need, and may we soon merit to resume learning together in person.

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