Back to school during Covid-19 pandemic with classroom setting of apple on books to signify education, and bottle of sanitizer and face mask on table. Concept of new school measures to contain coronavirus outbreak. Copy space on chalk board.

Return to School

YOY is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for students and faculty during the ongoing Corona Pandemic.  We believe that the best method of education is in person, we also recognize that not all students and faculty will be able to access in person lessons at all times during the ongoing pandemic.  In order to facilitate the greatest level of inclusion and deliver YOY classes to all students we are committed to the following:


Any student at risk for bad outcomes with coronavirus infection or with a medically vulnerable person at home who is at risk for bad outcomes with coronavirus will be given access to YOY classes remotely.  These students will be expected to login from their personal computer and attend classes via Zoom.  Teachers will work to assure that remote students are in attendance and able to follow their lessons.  Teachers will check in that remote students are aware of assignments and exams.  YOY will assign a Zoom buddy to every remote student.  This accommodation will also be made available for students who are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms or have tested positive for COVID or who are self-isolating due to exposure to someone with COVID.


Any faculty member at risk for bad outcomes with coronavirus infection or with a medically vulnerable person at home at risk for bad outcomes with coronavirus infection or who cannot safely attend classes will be expected to conduct YOY classes remotely.  These teachers will be expected to create meaningful remote lessons (not necessarily identical to in-person lessons), maintain student progress, and assure that curricular goals are met.  Regular student feedback and assessments will be critical to assuring that these goals are met. In addition, one on one meetings will be conducted with all on-premise and remote students, as part of the feedback and assessment process.  

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